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The beverages from Luding Ltd group of companies can be found on the shelves of the most famous chain stores of Russia. We highly appreciate our chain store clients, and we try to be their best partner, offering not only high-quality products, but also excellent service and support programs.



Feedback from our partners:

Sergey Trusov, Head of Product Division:
“We have been co-operating with Luding Ltd for more than 10 years already. During these years the company has established a reputation as a responsible supplier, who fulfils its obligations just in time. The distinctive features of Luding Ltd group of companies are its flexibility, sensitive reaction to the market demand, active participation in product promoting and sales development. We would like to mention especially the professionalism of the Direct Sales Managerial Board representatives in their cooperation with the employees of our shops and headquarters. We seek for our further fruitful and mutually advantageous cooperation.”


JSC The Seventh Continent
Yuliya Degtyaryova, Head of Staff Training and Development Division:
"I would like to highlight such aspect of our cooperation with Luding Ltd as the training of our employees. The process itself is well organized, the training is scheduled in time, the assortment for the seminars is changed periodically, and the trainers are punctual. The communicated information is always interesting and easy to master; while the tastings let the trainees get not only theoretical but also practical knowledge."


Vyacheslav Volkov, Director of Foodstuff Purchase Division: "Let’s evaluate the company activities by the five-point grade scale:
Logistics quality - 5 points;
Portfolio and turnover - 5 points;
Marketing activity - 4 points; we expect more creativity in the price promotion of sales;
Communications - 5 points;
Financial discipline - 5 points.
Keep it up!"

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E-mail: info@luding.ru

Webmaster: webmaster@luding.ru

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