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«Jazz in the Big City»

At 7:00 pm on October 2 and 4, the Jazz Ship LUXURY CLASS «City-Blues» yet again invites you to spend two unforgettable evenings under the sounds of ageless jazz music. For the first time ever in Saint-Petersburg the American trio Neil Smith will be performing classic jazz and its own compositions just for you.
For jazz connoisseurs the name Neil Smith is hardly a new discovery. It can easily be said, that this 32-year-old native of Cleveland was born with drumsticks in his hands!
Neil constantly performs in clubs and on concert stages in American, participates in international jazz festivals and leads his own group.
The list of extraordinarily wonderful highlights of the evening includes the theatrical show «The Diamond Arm». The heroes of this film favorite will greet the invited guests with flowers and ice cream and will give them the opportunity to compete in games of erudition to win an exclusive item from the «Jewelry of the Northern Capitol» company. The guests will also be offered to enjoy an exquisite reception from Astra-Marine Company, a tasting of the latest collection of cigars from the «Churchill» Club, as well as French wines and the fabulous cognac "HARDY X.O" from the alcoholic beverage company "LUDING-SPb» and a festive cake from the organizers.
Allow the wind of pleasant changes to enter your life from the banks of the grand Neva River and bestow upon you all things beautiful in life.

Date: 15.09.08

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