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Reading of the magazine Russian Pioneer - a new season “thoroughgoing”

September 14, 2015 the first pioneer reading of the magazine “Russian pioneer” in this season took place in the Central House of Writers in Moscow. It was devoted to Dovlatov due to turning of the 25th anniversary of his death this year. In the great hall of the Central House of Writers, on the second floor guests were welcome by classics - Gorky, Mayakovsky, or rather, their busts.

The issue dedicated to the Dovlatov, was presented by Mikhail Kusnirovich, the head of Bosco di ciliegi; Mark Garber, a banker; Yan Yanovsky, a businessman; Alexander Zhurbin, the composer; Andrey Makarevich and Evgeniy Margulis, Etery Levieva, CEO of “Top Secret” Channel and others...

By tradition, Andrew Bilzho became the first columnist, who read the column about Dovlatov unreleased. The next speaker was Alexander Demidov from the “Kvartet I” playing the mono mini-performance on the stage. Konstantin Bogomolov, the theater director, presented Sergey Dovlatov as Alice through the Looking-Glass. Dmitry Bykov’s column touched attendees not only those present in the hall of the Central House of Writers, but also in the social networks of the Internet. It's difficult to accept Bykov’s words: “Dovlatov is a mediocre writer, and his prose – is holiday fiction”.

Dmitry Breitenbiehter, vice-president of “Bank of Moscow”, read a column in Dovlatov-style in tradition of his KVN-past. Alena Sviridova as well owned up, that she did not read Dovlatov formerly, feeling shy of her Soviet past. Exposure to “Chemodan” and “Compromise” became possible by virtue of “Russian Pioneer”.

Viktor Yerofeyev, a writer, was familiarly acquainted with Sergey Dovlatov, interviewed him in America for “Ogonyok” magazine. There was more melancholy than irony in his speech. Traditions should be honored, as it was done by “Russian Pioneer” magazine – the reading was finished by Andrey Orlov (Orlusha):

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