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Contri Spumanti, Italy

Contri Spumanti

Contri Spumanti wine company was created in the 1930s as a small enterprise for bottling wine in the Veneto wine region of Italy and in 1980 it became a joint-stock company - one of the leaders in the Italian market for the production of sparkling and bubbling wines. In 1959 they began producing their own sparkling wines called "Spumante" and in 2002 the "Frizzante" sparkling wines - created with natural fermentation. 

The types of wines produced by Contri Spumanti: 

• Sparkling wine (Spumante and Frizzante); 
• Quiet wine categories DOC, IGT; 
• Cocktails and flavored beverages; 

Production capacity of Contri Spumanti: 

• Volume of stainless steel tanks for wines and must – 24,000 liters; 
• Volume of autoclaves for the sparkling process - more than 22,000 liters; 
• 2 modern bottling lines for wine (12,000 and 18,000 bottles per hour, respectively); 

All production processes have the highest standards of quality. 

The LUDING Company offers you 2 sparkling wine collections: the classic "Spumante" and the semi-sweet bubbling wine - "Lambrusco dell'Emilia Rialto".

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