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Moscow Distillery Kristall LLC, Russia

Moscow Distillery Kristall LLC

About brand

For the purpose of accompanying the diplomatic and buffet receptions held in the Kremlin, it was decided to create a drink that should be a hallmark of the high-level events. It was unanimously decided that vodka, as a native Russian “product”, should be such an official drink.The team of the best specialists in the food and drink manufacturing industry was created. It comprised the top Soviet distillers, who had been developing a formula for two years. This was carried out at the highest level under the personal and continuous control of the country's leaders. After the project had been successfully completed, vodka, being created under a special formula, was served not only at the diplomatic but also at the official receptions and buffets, held in the Kremlin. The formula of this vodka was kept in strict confidence for a long period of time, what made it upmarket and unique. Vodka was produced in limited quantities only under the Kremlin's custom order.

The first custom order was made in January 1945. In February of the same year, the batch of "official" vodka (named so because it was served at the official events) was sent to Yalta for being serviced at the banquet; it was accompanied by the Kremlin security service. The first New Year's reception, held in the Grand Kremlin Palace on December 31, 1953, was also served with this "official" vodka. In April 1961, the next custom order was made for the production of a large batch of vodka for the special private banquet in the Kremlin. Since then, there was no important event held without the custom order "for a special occasion", what used to be common. For instance, hunting in Zavidovo, Little Blue Light at Shabolovka (New Year’s TV show), important meetings in Gorki-10.

During the production of vodka each bottle was supported by the certificate, containing a list of names and personal signatures of the specialists, being responsible for its production. The sanitary service, headed by the expert from the State Security Committee, conducted tests and verified samples just at all stages of production. Then it sealed each box of produced vodka, put it into a special container, which, after being sealed, was taken away. Until now, the security system and the requirements for testing of food and drinks, intended for the country’s leaders, have not been changed.

For decades, this vodka was officially recognized in the Kremlin, but had no official name. It was called "official" or "Kremlin" vodka internally or when making an order for the next batch. We decided to preserve the legend of its origin and named it KREMLIN AWARD.

KREMLIN AWARD vodka holds true to the traditions and history, combining them with the innovative approach to the production process of the highest-quality drink.

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